How to Treat Kitchen Burns at Home?

As winter filled with joyous moments and festive celebrations approaches, many of us feel inspired to explore new recipes in the kitchen to delight our loved ones. During the holiday season, various cookies, gingerbread, and other sweet treats are sure to put smiles on the faces of both children and adults.

What to do if you get burned in the process?

While baking or cooking, if we accidentally touch or spill something hot on ourselves, it often causes damage only to the top layer of the skin. The affected area becomes red and moderately painful, and there might be slight swelling, but blisters typically do not form.

1. Immediately position the affected area under cold running water or immerse it in a cold bath. Cold water will help cool the skin and alleviate inflammation.

2. After cooling, apply Vivamel medical chestnut honey from the tube or one of the Vivamel wound dressings to the injured skin.

3. In the case of more extensive burns or burns in sensitive areas, seek medical advice.

How does Vivamel work on burns?

√  Prevents/reduces blisters and swelling.

√  Reduces inflammation and accelerates tissue regeneration.

√  Prevents or reduces infection.

√  Prevents scar formation.

How to use Vivamel correctly?

  1. Clean the burned area and prepare a non-woven dressing (Vivanet) by applying medical chestnut honey from the tube to it. In case of a small burn, you can apply honey to a plaster pad (Vivacare or Vivapore). Instead of a traditional dressing, you can also use modern Vivamel dressings that come with medical chestnut honey already applied (Vivamel alginate, Vivamel protect).
  2. Place the gauze dressing, plaster, or Vivamel dressing on the injury.
  3. Secure the dressing with a bandage (Vivasoft) or a plaster (Vivapore) if you apply a Vivamel dressing.

Honey applied to the wound must be sterile to avoid the risk of additional infections. Regular kitchen honey is not suitable for this purpose.

The best way to deal with kitchen burns is to prevent them. Be careful when handling hot dishes, use appropriate aprons and gloves, and take your time. Despite following all advice, accidents can still happen. A proper course of action will greatly alleviate discomfort and accelerate healing. Make Vivamel a part of your medicine cabinet and essential equipment for burning experiences.